The Dead Sea

Thursday 13 September 2018

A rest day and relaxing day at the Holiday Inn by the north-eastern edge of the Dead Sea. The highlight of the day of course was the experience of trying to swim in it!

For me it was a weird and eerie feeling. It was a hot morning and the water was tepid. You wade across the pebbles and you are in. You tilt back and suddenly you are on your back floating high; suspended on the water. It was hard to put your feet down – you kept rolling over. It was hard not to laugh out loud and our group was in a constant state of the giggles. When I got my feet under me I could not submerge lower than my shoulders – it was as if I were a human cork bobbing up and down.

Many took the opportunity to lather themselves in the mud and looked quite the sight! In our prayers at the end of the day we remembered the end of the story of Moses (Deut 34) and the fact that while he saw the promised land he never entered it. Today was a great day for us all to recharge the batteries before we actually do cross over into the Promised land tomorrow.

the Dead Sea ready for us

J floating in the Dead Sea

J floating in the Dead Sea

Judy J up lathered up

Judy J all lathered up

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