Day 16 of Pilgrimage

Friday 4 September 2020

By the end of today I will be ‘virtually’30k north of Ballarat on my way to Bendigo. Just to show that I am doing the 10k each day I will post on Fridays a snapshot of my week’s walking taken off my phone. Here is week two from Thursday 27 August to Wednesday 2 September:

Thank you to all who have donated money for the cause – we have raised $1184 to date which is a fantastic effort!

On Tuesday I was welcomed to Christ Church Cathedral Ballarat by the acting Dean, Bishop Garry Weatherill. We had a wonderful time together:

Bishop Garry also mentioned that just before the latest lockdown a short video had been produced in which he talks about how things are going in the Diocese.  You can view the clip by clicking on the following link and download the video direct to your computer/phone.

At this walking pace I will arrive ‘virtually’ in Bendigo on Sunday 13 September and I am looking forward to catching up with the Dean of the Cathedral. Once again thank you to all who are supporting this adventure. 160k walked – only 785k to go! Praise be to God.

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