Day 9 of Pilgrimage

Friday 28 August 2020

In my last entry I forgot to post the link to the St Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne website:

By the end of my 10k today I will be virtually between Ballan and Gordan – 40k east of Christ Church Cathedral Ballarat. It is my plan to arrive there on Tuesday 1 September 2020. I have walked 90k on the pilgrimage. Here is a snapshot from my phone on Wednesday 26 August after one week of the pilgrimage – just to show I am above board and doing the walk!

walking four

So far so good. I knock off most of the ks at 5am – it has been a bit cold first thing in the morning but the days have been fantastic – nice sun while still cool which I like. I wish to thank all who have pledged money so far for the pilgrimage – so far we have raised $1084 and it is only one week in! I think I will revise my target from $1000 to $5000. I hope to have an zoom meeting with the acting Dean of Christ Church Ballarat next week which I will post ASAP. Here are a couple of photos of me getting ready to walk:

walking three
5am – very cold
walking one
mid morning one day – still cool
walking two
warm enough for shorts!

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