Back to the States

Today, Wednesday 30 October,  we had a leisurely sleep in to 7.30am and down for a lovely breaky at 8.30am. Pretty standard fare but the views of the Horseshoe falls to be had made up for it. We check out at 10.30am and get a cab to the Rainbow bridge and walk across from Canada to USA for the princely sum of $1 Canadian dollar to get through the turnstiles. While it was overcast you still get a good view of the falls on the bridge. On the American side we go through customs again and then organise ourselves a cab to our next hotel in Buffalo New York near the airport for our flight to Boston on Thursday. Now I have travelled in Asia and Europe and had some scary rides but this guy had a death wish and I suppose an internal desire to break every speed record on the way. After some close calls we made it safely to our hotel right next to the Buffalo airport – so we can get – wait for it – our 6am flight to Boston on Thursday. This means a 3.30am rise – 4am cab – and the whole check in and security thing again but at an ungodly hour. I am hoping that not many will be there. But as I always say, “If that is the worst thing to happen today – it’s been a good day.”

Bridal falls on the left and the Horseshoe on the right


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