Niagara Falls

After 4 hours sleep at our hotel in Toronto we are up, dressed and packed and walking down to Union Station. We stop at Tim Horton’s for breaky and make our way downtown in the early crisp morning air (7am) to the imposing Union Station building next to the CN Tower. We think we are catching a train to Niagara but no – as the theme of changed travel plans continues – we are on a bus due to a new bridge being built somewhere. A lovely hour and 40 minute coach ride in the fog – (if someone asks me what I saw in Toronto – I will say – nothing – it’s dark and foggy!) – we arrive at the depot in Niagara. We decide to stretch our legs and walk the 6 miles into the falls – (mistake!) Most of it was fun – level and eventually a view of the two famous falls – Bridal and Horseshoe – but the last 15 minutes was up a steep slope to our hotel and we collapsed onto our beds for a bit. The falls do not disappoint and we have a great afternoon getting up close and personal. 168,000 cubic metres of water goes over the falls every minute – it may not be the highest or biggest in the world but damn it sure is spectacular! Great day.



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