Sunday – a day of rest in Cardiff but not for the 25000 taking part in the Half-Marathon!

Sunday 7 October 2018

Woke up today to a glorious sunrise. A rest day for the drivers and choir. A group of us make our way to the St John the Baptist Church – right in the middle of the city! We did however have to dodge the thousands of spectators lining the route for the ½ Marathon being run today. I spotted an Australian flag and found out later that Australian Jack Rayner won the race in 1-hour 1 minute and 1 second. An Australian lass – Celia Sullohern – came second in the women’s section. It was however sad to learn later that, for the first time in the race’s 15- year history, two people had heart attacks at the finish of the race and both later died in hospital.

The church service was light on for people – many couldn’t get into town because of road closures for the marathon. Our small party from the choir certainly boosted the singing. The sermon focused on Gospel text where Jesus tells the disciples that to enter the Kingdom of heaven you need a child like faith. The preacher also touched on the part of the gospel where Jesus is answering the Pharisees’ question regarding divorce. He preached about relationships being at the heart of everything, including our relationship with God. A good cuppa and warm fellowship followed the service. The sun was out, and the city was beautifully bathed in a warm glow. The centre was packed with people and it was a fun atmosphere. It certainly is a wonderful city to walk around and enjoy.

On to Northampton tomorrow.

dawn over Cardiff
Dawn over Cardiff
Marathon in Cardiff
Half – Marathon to start soon
support for a Aussie Runner
Support for the Australians
St John the Baptist Church Cardiff
St John the Baptist, Church of Wales
Impressive Tower
classic old church
Classic design
Nice organ
Lovely pipe organ
side pipes
Side pipes
contemporary engagement
Interesting attempt at modern engagement
beautiful afternoon in Cardiff
beautiful afternoon in Cardiff once all the crowds from the morning had dispersed
Nice place to get a good pint and some pork



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