A rainy day in Cardiff but a beautiful concert in Abergavenny

Saturday 6 October 2018

We woke up to an overcast sky and a light misty rain. However, according to Tom – our rehearsal this morning is the best so far on tour. It’s a pity it has taken two- and a-bit weeks to get here. Unfortunately, my voice is a bit thin and I can’t quite shake the irritable throat bug I seem to have acquired and so I have no power in the voice! After rehearsal I make my way back to my room to stay warm, rest the voice and continue learning for the concert next Saturday – one week to go!!

The weather improves in the afternoon and our 9th concert on tour is with the renown Beaufort Male Voice Choir at the glorious little village of Abergavenny. We are singing in Our Lady and St Michael’s Catholic Church and the acoustics are fabulous.  We arrive for a rehearsal at 6pm and the concert goes off with a bang from 7pm. The boys from the Beaufort choir have a stunning sound. Among many Welsh favourites they performed a medley from Jersey Boys (with some chorography) and the highlight for me was their rendition of ‘Solidarity Forever’ from the musical Billy Elliot. Along with the as always spectacular Ayşe, draped in a Welsh flag, we held up our end and the audience were very appreciative of the concert. When we sing, especially in joint numbers with other choirs, I must pinch myself to make sure it is real. It is such a good feeling and I am very thankful to be part of the Australian Welsh Male Choir but extremely grateful to be on tour to experience nights such as these.

We enjoyed a lovely afterglow in the parish hall and are safely back at our hotel just on midnight. Another wonderful day.

cold wet start to the day
cold wet start to the day – view from hotel window overlooking Cardiff Castle
learning to breathe
still learning to breathe and really listen to each other – the key to a good choral sound
entry to castle
Entry to the Castle

cardiff castle tower

venue for evening concert with Beaufort Malve Voice Choir
venue for concert – Our Lady and St Michael’s Catholic Church, Abergavenny
us under direction of Hayden James
us at work under direction of one of our Patrons – Hayden James
us at work
two choirs together in rehearsal
In the concert
Ayse at work
The lovely Ayse at work with Welsh flag over left arm
letting our hair down and enjoying some ‘fellowship’ at the afterglow. The boys from the Beaufort Choir are fantastic hosts for the night.



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