A virtual Pilgrimage in a COVID-19 world

On Thursday 20th August I will begin a virtual pilgrimage form the Anglican Parish of Box Hill to visit each of the five Cathedrals of the Anglican Province of Victoria. While we live in stage 4 restrictions I am still able to walk around my house and streets. I will walk at least 10k each day and plot this against a map of Victoria. To do the pilgrimage to each of the five Cathedrals will require me walking about 945k or about 95 days so I hope to finish this on Sunday 22nd November – the celebration of Christ the King. Further details are in the flyer here: 2020 pilgrimage final

Also I plan to use this as a fund raiser to help New Hope Community Care.

Pledges can be made into the following account:

BSB 033-135

Account Number: 535329

I will be posting about once a week to update people on where I am up to VIRTUALLY and how things are going. Stay tuned for more to come

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