Back to Beantown

After all the fun of yesterday’s tour of Bangor, Maine and hearing all things Stephen King – today was a travel day to Boston. We had a leisurely breakfast, packed and checked out of the hotel and got them to ring us a cab at 9.15am (our bus is leaving at 11am from the bus depot – about 15 minutes away – I just want to get there early) The cab dispatch operator said it wouldn’t be too long – I bet you can see where this is going – so we sit and wait; and wait; and wait. At 10am I get the hotel staff to ring again and I am informed they will be there in a minute – 10.20am we get our cab and we are at the bus terminal at 10.40am – just really in time to check in and line up to ensure a good seat! It all worked out but still I’m learning after multiple trips overseas that you just gotta roll with the punches and go with the flow. Enough of the minor grips – the weather is glorious – not many people on the coach so I have a spare seat next to me and watch the passing countryside on the 4.5 hour drive to Boston.

We get a cab to our hotel and are checked in by 4pm – we know that we have missed the last hop-on/hop-off tour for the day so decide to walk a few blocks up from our midtown hotel to the Prudential Building (built in 1964 and 230 metres high) which has on the 50th floor a skywalk where you can enjoy tremendous views of Boston and its surrounds. It also has a small theatrette where we watched 4 short films on Boston’s history; it’s immigrant past and people; a beautiful view of the city from above and a lovely piece on the diversity of the children of the city. It truly is a magnificent city. We head down again and have dinner at what I suppose is a Cambodian outlet called Num Pang Kitchen. They have the best spicy lentil soup and a great rice and pork belly dish and a great side of roasted fresh vegetables. While eating we are able to plan tomorrow and write some postcards. Back to our hotel and sort out our laundry and finish up the blog – reset the clocks (end of daylight savings tomorrow) and look forward to a day out in Boston – starting with attending worship at the Old North Church – the very one from which two lanterns were lit in the steeple and Paul Revere took off on his famous ride.

A set of shots from the skywalk observatory – 230 metres above Boston




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