Singing at the Royal Albert Hall

Saturday 13 October 2018

The choir tour of the UK had been building to this day – the Australian Welsh Male Choir would join 15 other choirs to form a massed choir to sing at the Royal Albert Hall. After all the hard work and cramming I was ready as was my fellow choir members.

The day would prove to be a long one! We gathered at the RAH at 11.45am and were escorted – choir-by-choir up the many flights of stairs to our section of the top gallery which would be our ‘green room/changing room/waiting area.’ After a lot of sorting out and dry runs – we were marched to our door and led on stage, at 1pm! Facing the stage – our section of Baritones from the AWMC are on the right and three tiers up!

We rehearse for about 3 hours till about 4ish, when we are escorted off stage and marched to the Imperial College next door for an early dinner. Well, it takes a good hour and a half to get 800 or so men fed, and we are marched back to the RAH by about 6pm. We are on stage by 6.45pm and the concert starts at 7pm. On stage we are accompanied by the members of the Royal Welsh Guard Military Band. They are fantastic! High-lights for me of the concert are getting through the 7 difficult Welsh pieces with confidence; including singing ‘Llan Owen’ and ‘Gwinllan a Roddwyd I’m Gofal.’ (look up on you tube – versions of these beautiful but difficult songs to sing!) I especially enjoy listening to the band. Our MD Tom and accompanist Michelle conducted and played piano for the singing of the National Anthem – an honour for them (and us also!)

The concert finished at 9.30pm and it was nearly 11pm by the time we got back to our hotel and into the bar! Given that four other choirs were staying at the same hotel – it proved to be a noisy and glorious place to be as we sing and drink in celebration of a wonderful occasion. I call it a day around 1am and collapse into my bed exhausted. I can’t believe that it’s all over and tomorrow I will be flying back home after nearly seven weeks on the road.

I thank everyone who has been following my deeds via this blog. This entry will be the last for a while. But stay tuned – you never know!

Lovely image of the statue of Albert reflected on the front door
Royal Albert Hall
view over balcony at our green room area
view from our green room area on top balcony – of the main stage. I would be sitting on the right side just at the level of white – 7 seats in from the organ
from my position at rehearsal
looking down from my position at rehearsal
from my position at rehearsal 2
looking across to the other side of stage
jackets off because it's hot
jackets off because it is so hot under lights
audience filing in
audience filing in for the concert – it is a packed house – 5000!
Out Tom conducting National Anthem
yours truly and John Evans
Yours truly and fellow baritone John enjoying the moment


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