Mersey side

Thursday 4 October 2018

We have a better rehearsal this morning than yesterday and are on the bus to Liverpool by 10.30am. First stop is the Catholic Cathedral which is very stunning. Built ‘in the round’ with lots of open space and a soaring centre part – it does look like a giant wigwam from outside! We were in front of the altar on the marble steps, but it was hard to hear our small piano and the echo was a good 3 seconds making our sound a bit mushy!

I pick up my fridge magnets and we make our way in the afternoon down Hope St to the Anglican Cathedral. This is the largest Cathedral in the UK and I had forgotten just how immense the space is inside. However, we were assaulted with a cacophony of sound and lights that was very disconcerting! It turned out that Barclay’s bank was having a dinner in the Cathedral that night and this was the three singing groups and bands doing their rehearsal. You could hardly hear yourself think. Not the quiet reflective zone one is used to when entering sacred space.

This ends just before we are to sing. For those who know the Cathedral – we sing under the arched bridge at the top of the Narthex. It goes well and while there is an echo – it isn’t as bad as in the other Cathedral and those listening appreciated our efforts.

We have a time for sight-seeing on the Liverpool dockland area and many get to the Beatles Museum. Back to Chester by 7pm for a quiet night in. Tomorrow we are off to Cardiff. Finally going to Wales!

Catholic Cathedral
Liverpool Catholic Cathedral
inside 1
Inside the Cathedral – the altar
singing at Catholic Cathedral
Doing the best we can in such a beautiful but difficult space
looking back at Cathedral
looking back on Hope St at the Catholic Cathedral
Anglican Cathedral
The Anglican Cathedral of Liverpool
massive doors
Massive window over the entry doors
Ayse sings like an ANGEL!
us at Anglican Cathedral
Doing our best in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

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