Catching up with old friends

Monday 1 October 2018

Eleven years ago, in early 2007, I had the great honour of doing a three-month exchange with the Priest of St Peter’s Church of England, in the little village of Waverton – about 4 miles from Chester. Knowing that the choir were to be based in Chester for five nights I took the opportunity to contact the parish to see whether anyone remembered me and would like to come to the concert last night and have the opportunity to have a meal together. As I mentioned in the last post – a number did come last night to the concert. We arranged for a group get together today and it was a great time. I was picked up at the Mercure by Peter and Maureen and driven to the Grosvenor Arms for a wonderful lunch and a few pints as we walked down memory lane. Tomorrow, another couple, Trevor and Evelyn, who couldn’t make it last night or today will take me out to lunch. Today, it was like no time had passed since I was last in Waverton. Given that my home parish church is also St Peter’s – it was decided we should see about having the two St Peter’s twinned! Whether that happens or not – it was a lovely catch up with old friends. Another wonderful day on tour!

I have also included some other photos from last night’s concert in Chester.

ayse and michelle
Ayse and Michelle
chester concert 1
The Australian Welsh Male Choir
chester concert 2
Three Choirs combined – Chester Male Voice Choir; Flint Male Voice Choir and us!
waverton lunch
From l to R: Karen, David, Maureen, yours truly, Pauline, John, and Peter
grovener arms
The Grosvenor Arms – my ‘local’ for the three months I was Vicar in Waverton in 2007 – nothing had changed

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