Moving South via Durham and Whitby to York

Thursday 27 September 2018

After our now regular morning rehearsal, today was primarily to be a travelling day. Our group is too many for one single coach but too few to use two coaches, so we have one coach and one minivan. Today was my turn to travel in the minivan and it was grand! We had a brief stop at Durham and I took the opportunity to amble up the winding step road that then gives up the vista that is Durham Cathedral! Not enough time to go in but I had to be satisfied with the view of what I believe is one of the most ascetically pleasing Cathedrals in all of Christendom.

Onto Whitby and the statue of Cook and the beautiful inlet that shelters this glorious town. The weather has been perfect the last few days and we all wish it will last! The town is packed with tourists of all ages and nations and it’s a colourful cacophony of sights and sounds. Lunch of course was fish and chips! We finally make our way to York and to our hotel just outside the wall. We are here for the next three nights and have a rest day tomorrow before a challenging set of concerts on the weekend. Our group dinner goes well and our touring party are starting to relax into the trip and so far – so good!

rehearsing every day
rehearsing where and when we can!
the minivan
sitting up front in the minivan was a treat
the angel of the north
we see the Angel of the North in passing
Durham Cathedral
Durham Cathedral – under repair but still grand
Captain Cook at Whitby
The statue of Captain Cook at Whitby


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