Did someone yell “Fore!”

Monday 24 September 2018

Yesterday, on Sunday, a few of the choir took the opportunity in the morning to go to church at Old St Paul’s Scottish Episcopal Church in central Edinburgh, just around the corner from our hotel. This was a High Mass with the musical setting being Messe Basse by Faure and the anthem O sacrum Convivium by Charpentier. The organ voluntary was Praeludium by Lübeck. The wonderful choir was made up of University aged students. These students were members of the church and this was their gift to the church – it was wonderful to see so many younger people in a church for a high service – bells, smells, processions – the lot! It was a delight to be part of it and a reminder to me of the power of liturgy to use all the senses – to move people in adoration of God.

The evening was turned over to our second concert of the tour – at St Andrew’s and St George’s Church of Scotland, West Edinburgh. One of our choir members had a connection to this church and thus we put on a show. The actual venue was a bit difficult to sing in and many (40%) of our members were under the weather – however the show MUST go on – and we managed to satisfy the audience.

On Monday, our Musical Director Tom decided that a rest day was needed so we had no rehearsal today. On the buses at 11.30am for the drive to St Andrew’s – the spiritual home of GOLF. It was a beautiful drive and the weather was lovely. We did see the old ‘Firth of Forth’ bridge – built in 1892 and now a World Heritage site. Once at St Andrew’s we had an opportunity to walk on the 18th fairway and our lunch in the New Club Room (1902!) overlooking the old club house and the beach, made famous by the opening scene from Chariots of Fire, was glorious. For the golfers among us – not me – this was heaven. On the drive home we passed the new V and A museum in Dundee – only recently opened. Next door to this was the ‘Discovery’ – the ship used by Scott on his tragic voyage to the Antarctic.

Some of us in the evening took the chance on our last night in Edinburgh to go to a Scottish pub for dinner – the Black Cat. We were entertained by a local band – piper, and violin player. They were later joined by another violin player and a drummer – and the place was really jumping. We were banging on the table in rhythm to the lively music. A truly wonderful way to end a wonderful day on tour!

the view of the castle from breakfast.JPG

The view of the castle from breakfast room

poster for concert

Poster for Sunday’s concert

Sunday night concert at St Andrew's and St George's.jpg

Concert on Sunday night at St Andrew’s and St George’s

1892 bridge.JPG

The old Firth on Forth bridge – on the right

St Andrew 1.JPG

Old Club house – St Andrews

ST Andrews 3.JPG

That beach from Chariots of Fire

the bridge.JPG

AWMC at St Andrews

V and D Dundee

The new V and A building at Dundee – striking design

black cat

Bob – far left – Christine, Tom and Ayse enjoying the Black Cat

piper and violin.JPG

the Piper and violin players – early on the night – great music


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