First a complete temple and then a day to relax sailing on the Nile (with no deaths to record) – but maybe it should be deaf on the Nile

Wednesday 5 September 2018

An early start today with an exciting buggy ride to the site of the Edfu Temple. We ran the gauntlet of persistent sellers trying to surround each of us and sell us interesting knic-knacks which they and we know were made in China. We came around the corner to see the most beautifully preserved monument. This temple built in Ptolemy 3rd Dynasty (around 250 BC) was completely covered up by sand until the 1860s and thus remains the most perfect specimen of an ancient temple in Egypt. (Albeit a late copy of an earlier design!)

We then continued to enjoy the relaxing cruise on the Nile – catching up with the laundry and keeping the journal up-to-date. Tonight we reach Luxor and tomorrow and Friday are busy days visiting the sights of this wonderful city which used to be called Thebes – the Ancient capital of Egypt. The afternoon was fun with Ian and Conrad having to share a hearing aid and the rest of us not really knowing which one has it on at any given moment. The evening meal on the ship was Egyptian Night and yours truly had a fez for the moment – photo proof will come later!buggy ride

looking good at the wheel

Edfu Temple

Edfu Temple. The French forces used the top windows as shooting nests lying on the sand – unaware of the temple 20 metres below

the group at Edfu

The hardy nine hanging in there in the heat – Conrad on far left and Ian on far right – who has the hearing aid?

children playing on the Nile

the local children enjoying the Nile as we lazily sailed by!

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